Kastro Beaches

Vast sandy beaches, trees next to the water, the Ionian Sea waters. Time seems to go slower at the coastline of Kastro-Kyllini.

Kastro’s 10-kilometer beach is the true essence of a Greek summer; miles of golden sand, sand hills, crystal waters, spectacular sunsets, coastal forests, and on top of that several Blue Flags awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education. It is indeed what one would call “heaven on earth”.

The beach unravels itself from Kyllini’s Baths all the way to Kaukalida’s lighthouse. There are the occasional beach bars, camping sites, and taverns along the coastline, and that’s what’s shocking about this place; one minute it’s so crowded you can’t even put a towel on the sand, and then 100 meters away you’re all alone. You can feel the sand between your toes, you turn towards the endless blue, and suddenly the Ionian Sea is yours.

What’s also a good thing about this area is that it appeals to everyone; to regular city folk and people with alternative lifestyles, to loners and entire families, to couples and college students. It also offers a range of large hotel facilities and camping sites, luxurious beach bars and street food trucks, spas and mud baths.

Kastro’s beach changes name every few meters according to the store or hotel nearby (Kastro, Polos, Robinson, Melissa, Kalamia). It goes on until the Kyllini’s Baths beach, also known as the Golden Coast, where a few impressive resorts are the only thing disrupting the view. This is where the infamous thermal springs are located. The 26°C/79°F waters are recommended for skin, breathing, muscle, or bone troubles, and you can enjoy their beneficial properties either through hydrotherapy or directly from the source, where many indulge in mud baths. Right there, under the eucalyptus trees, the Roman bath ruins and the charming modern building are tangible proof that people have been using the beneficial effects of the area’s waters for centuries.

Arkoudi, right after Kastro’s shore, is not just another beach; this small settlement over the creek has been developing rapidly in recent years. The famous beach bar attracts people like a magnet, while some rocks interrupt the continuity of the vast sandy coast ever so slightly.